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Woodnewton- A Learning Community - -203 days remaining
Closing Date 28/01/2022 12:00:00
Rowlett Road, , Corby, Northamptonshire NN17 2NU
- per full time
NOR: 840
Phase_of_EducationEstablishment_Type_Group Minimum Age 2Maximum Age 10

Job title Salary
Teaching Assistant (SEND)  Grade D, NJC Scale Points 3 to 4

Hours Contract type
26 hours 40 minutes per week, 39 weeks per year Fixed term

Reporting to Line Manager
Head Teacher, Deputy Head Teacher, SENDco

The aim of the Trust is build a community of pro-social, emotionally competent, independent learners.
The role of the Teaching Assistant (SEND) is to support the SEN support team children who otherwise would be unable to access their learning. This will be achieved by providing targeted support through working with class teachers and in partnership with parents, careers and educational professionals.

• Under the direction of the class SENDco/provision lead, supervise and support a child or children with special educational needs, ensuring their safety and access to learning.
• Ensure that the academy's health, safety and behaviour policies are adhered to
• Assist children individually or in small groups to understand and work through learning activities.
• Observe and document children's learning and contribute to the development of their learning stories and portfolios.
• Support children during transitions and meal times.
• Support, scaffold and extend children's learning through play.
• Provide routine clerical and other support to meet the delivery requirements of the academy
• Prepare and maintain learning resources and work environment for specific learning activities to meet the needs of the pupils and the curriculum
• Participate in meetings and team development activities to support the individual and team performances and development objectives
• Monitor resource levels and ensure that the appropriate person is notified of stock levels.
• Ensure that resources are used appropriately to minimise waste.
• Observe and be aware of and report any pupil problems, progress and achievements to the class teacher to ensure that pupil records are accurately maintained
• Gather and report information to and from parents as appropriate to meet the needs of the service delivery requirements
• To undertake any other duties as requested by the head teacher, these duties may change from time to time without changing their general character or level of responsibility
Additional Responsibilities
• To embed Trust and Woodnewton values and ethos in all aspects of school life
• Support the development of an ethos that enables everyone to work collaboratively, share knowledge and understanding, celebrate success and accept responsibility for outcomes
• Set a good example to pupils and staff in terms of personal presentation, attendance and punctuality
• Support and uphold the school's culture and ethos through championing the vision and values, particularly with regards to children's wellbeing and emotional development in addition to promoting the high levels of achievement and attainment throughout the school.
• Build a school culture and curriculum that takes account of the richness and diversity of the school's communities.
• Create and promote positive strategies for challenging all forms of prejudice and harassment.
• Contribute to the safeguarding and promotion of the welfare and personal care of children and young people with regard to the ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education'
• To uphold the school's policy in respect of child protection and safeguarding matters
• Co-operate and work with relevant agencies and partners to ensure the well-being of children in line with the 5 Every Child Matters outcomes
• Ensure the welfare of children are safeguarded and promoted in line with current best practice and LA advice.
• Promote the concept of lifelong learning and family engagement with learning through partnership.
• Manage effective relationships with all stakeholders and partners.
• To develop positive relationships with the community, other schools and agencies which support the school.
• To build, develop and maintain strong relationships with parents and guardians.
• To follow school policies and procedures including the policies promoting equal opportunities for all staff and pupils in line with the Equality Act 2010.
• Regularly self-evaluate, set personal targets and take responsibility for own personal professional development, including keeping up to date with research and developments.
• Undertake any necessary professional development as identified in the school development plan,
taking full advantage of any relevant training and development available (self).
• Effective fulfilment of all roles and responsibilities outlined in this document
• Have a duty of care to and ensure both self and others achieve an appropriate work/life balance.
• This is not an exhaustive list of duties and responsibilities, and the post holder may be required to undertake other duties which fall within the grade of the job, in discussion with the line manager
• This job description will be reviewed regularly, in the light of changing service requirements, and any such changes will be discussed with the post holder
• The post holder is expected to comply with all relevant policies, procedures and guidelines, including those relating to Equal Opportunities, Health and Safety and the Confidentiality of Information
• The role will include a daily lunch duty with a ˝ hour unpaid lunch break.

More Information: https://teaching-vacancies.service.gov.uk/jobs/teaching-assistant-sen-nest