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Harris Academy Greenwich - -30 days remaining
Closing Date 27/06/2021 23:59:00
London, Greater London, England, SE9 5EQ
- per full time
NOR: 1150

 Harris Academy Greenwich is not just an excellent school.

It is much more than that.

Harris Academy Greenwich is a happy and successful inner-city London 11-18 school with a thriving 6th Form, and a brand new state-of-the-art building.  It is a school where we are as passionate about developing our staff as we are about developing our students.
Our staff are dedicated to transforming the lives of our students, providing them with not only the best possible academic outcomes, but with the experiences and guidance that will help them become resilient, resourceful, reflective and emotionally intelligent young adults.
The Academy prides itself on its modern, student-centred approach to education, but with traditional values of respect and discipline at its core. With academic outcomes consistently in the top 10% of schools in the country, it is a school carving out a new story for its students and our local community.
However impressive our results, we will get to know your child not as a statistic, but as a student with hopes and dreams that we have a moral responsibility to help make a reality.How do we get such great results from our students? Well, we certainly don't play admissions games, or try to trick the system with our results. We just ensure that all our staff are passionate about transforming our students' lives, regardless of their ability or backgrounds. After all, what else are we here for?
Our mission - Why we do what we do
In this corner of South East London we have a clear mission: to run a great school which offers every child, regardless of circumstance, the chance to thrive both personally and academically.We make no apology for believing a key part to a happy and fulfilled life is a great set of exam results. They are the currency which students require to progress to next stage of their education. No amount of celebrity disapproval or stories of success against the odds will convince us otherwise. Results matter to our community.
We know that academic progress is critical to our students enjoying lives of choice and opportunity but that they also need to develop the content of their character and have a range of rich experiences which they will never forget. We want to help students have warm hearts and cool heads so that they are ready for the challenges of adolescence and ultimately adulthood. In short, we want our students to live well.
Our students are very proud to be a part of our school community because they know that this is a place where they can Step into their Greatness.“I absolutely love working at Harris Academy Greenwich. Every day is different, yet I always laugh and smile. The pupils and teachers are incredible and both want to be challenged. The support system they have in place for new teachers and existing teachers is overwhelming. Harris academy has inspired me to become an outstanding teacher, and in turn, inspire the pupils around me.”LAURA FITZSIMMONS, PE TEACHER Why work at Harris Academy Greenwich?
Our staff often refer to their departments as ‘a family'.  They came up with 20 reasons why staff should work here...there were more, but we couldn't fit 27 on one page.  Check them out and our ‘About Us' video on the school website: www.harrisgreenwich.org.uk “This is a great school. My colleagues are the best I have worked with. All across the school we have fantastic teachers, leaders and professionals who are hard-working, supportive and inspirational. The students are great, the school systems are slick and everything just works.”  Dan, Lead Practitioner.  Forget what you've heard about big, bad Federations. This is a school that really tries to keep staff morale high, that gives you a sense of purpose, a sense of autonomy, a sense of trust and continual support and challenge to achieve mastery.  Come pay us a visit and see for yourself.We look forward to meeting you. If you would like a completely confidential chat with the Principal, please contact Ben Keely direct by email: b.keely@harrisgreenwich.org.ukTo apply or to arrange a visit, please contact the HR Manager, Nicky Butler on n.butler@harrisgreenwich.org.uk
Harris Greenwich: Step into your Greatness 

More Information: https://teaching-vacancies.service.gov.uk/jobs/teaching-assistant-harris-academy-greenwich