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Ark Evelyn Grace Academy - -91 days remaining
Closing Date 21/06/2021 09:00:00
255 Shakespeare Road, Lambeth, London, SE24 0QN
- per full time
NOR: 1200

 Evelyn Grace Academy opened in September 2008 for 180 year 7 students. 

The academy's passionate staff work extremely hard to help Evelyn Grace students to become leaders of tomorrow in every walk of life. The academy's core values of excellence, endeavour and self-discipline help equip the students with the skills, self belief and motivation to achieve high standards. 

Aims, Vision and Values 

We intend for Ark Evelyn Grace academy to be the school of choice in the local community, whose reputation is centred on great teaching, exemplary behaviour and unrivalled opportunities beyond the classroom

Our commitment is that we will work tirelessly in teaching, guiding and supporting all our students, so that they may go on to secure a place at a good university and ultimately compete for the very best positions in their chosen career. 

  • Excellence: We strive for excellence in all that we do and so we help our students to realise that there should be no limit placed on their ambition and capacity to achieve. 

  • Endeavour: There is no substitute for hard work and only the drive and persistence to get better and learn from mistakes and difficulties will allow our students to achieve their aspirational goals. 

  • Self Discipline: We believe that  success and the ability to take control of one's destiny has to be achieved through self-control and the responsibility and ownership of one's own future. 

Our vision for our curriculum intent: 

  • Knowledge rich 

  •  Vocabulary rich 

  • Mastery 

  • Progression planning 

  • Fertile questions 

  • Enrichment 

Read more about our curriculum on our website.

Why join Ark Evelyn Grace Academy? 

Great schools have to grow students and staff. If we want pupils to learn, we have to ensure that our teachers are nurtured and their craft developed. We must look after and create the necessary conditions for our teachers to grow so that they can help pupils learn. 

It is part of our DNA that we learn best when we learn together. 

Consistency of practice and agreement over shared values and mission is achievable by working, planning, training and teaching together. It might begin with a whole staff and training session, where messages are shared, however, unless this is followed up with observation, feedback and practice, these elements of a teachers' craft will never become embedded and automatic. 

There are a number of guiding principles when thinking about how to create a community of learners and these underpin all our staff development. 

These are: 

  • We learn best when we learn together 

  • We all learn from our mistakes and should model this to our pupils 

  • We must see teaching as a craft that one can always get better at, as ‘one lifetime is never enough to master it'

  • We all have something to teach others and, so an NQT can learn from a Vice Principal and vice versa. 

  • We develop our craft best through observation, feedback and deliberate practice 


The school was rated as good in all categories in March 2014 with lessons being “characterised by high expectations and very good relationships between teachers and students. In a short inspection in 2017, the school continued to be good. 

More Information: https://teaching-vacancies.service.gov.uk/jobs/sen-coordinator-senco