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Gladesmore Community School - -1 days remaining
Closing Date 19/04/2021 23:59:00
Crowland Road, Tottenham, London, N15 6EB
- per full time
NOR: 1215

About the School
Gladesmore Community School is a mixed 11-16 comprehensive school situated in the urban area of South Tottenham, London, bordering the edge of Stamford Hill and adjacent to Markfield Park which backs onto the River Lea. Seven Sisters Tube Station, Tottenham Hale tube, bus and train terminus and South Tottenham Railway Station are all within a short walking distance.

School Population
The school has nine forms of entry. It has an impressive reputation locally and is enormously oversubscribed with a roll of 1300. Numerous staff members choose to send their own children to Gladesmore.
We have a wide diversity of ethnic, linguistic and religious backgrounds in the school and this provides a tremendously rich culture. We delight in the fact that there are over 55 languages spoken by pupils. Our largest ethnic groups are of African, Caribbean or Turkish heritage.
As a community comprehensive school our intake consists of a broad ability range including children with special educational needs and very able, gifted and talented pupils.
The school serves a community of high economic disadvantage, typically, over 60% of our pupils are eligible for free school meals. Visitors are invariably impressed with our calm, happy and positive family atmosphere in the school. Pupils are respectful and well behaved. There is a wonderful ethos in the school enjoyed by all and it enables children to make excellent all-round progress.
Working relationships between the staff and pupils and between the staff are exceptional. This is one of the reasons why staff turnover is remarkably low. The pupils are a delight to work with and are highly appreciative of the efforts made by staff. Our children really enjoy school and are proud to be part of the Gladesmore family; attendance for instance, is the best in the region and is consistently well above the national average.

Although the school has some excellent facilities its greatest asset are the staff. We have a superb staff team that create a warm, cheerful atmosphere and forge an effective climate for learning. Colleagues express that working at Gladesmore is stimulating and inspiring. Morale is excellent and we actively promote the strong ethos of mutual support. Visitors are invariably surprised by the pleasant atmosphere we have created and comment favourably about this. It is fundamental for us to go out of our way to ensure that colleagues are supported, appreciated and happy in their work.
Our recruitment programme targets teachers and support staff not just for their subject knowledge, we particularly seek out people who really care about the progress of children and are deeply committed to making a difference to our community. Gladesmore staff are characterised by their friendly, cheerful and positive outlook. We value these characteristics highly.
Once appointed, we expect that all staff will continue with their professional development which emphasises teamwork and the sharing of good practice. Our programmes for trainees and NQTs are particularly strong and have been highly praised by HMI. Staff are valued highly, morale is high and there is strong recognition that all play an important role to enable our school to succeed and operate harmoniously.
The staff is diverse which reflects the pupil population and we are proud that our rich diversity of staffing is well balanced throughout the organisation at all levels of seniority. Applicants from black and ethnic minorities are encouraged. Staff work hard both in the classroom and in developing activities outside the curriculum. Because people enjoy working at the school the turnover of staff is very low.
Opportunities for professional development and growth is impressive; subsequently numerous staff have gained a series of promotions within the school. Those who leave tend to do so for promotion or retirement.
The exceptional care for the individual, together with the high quality of teaching means that, although Gladesmore is a large school, it is also very friendly and supportive. Colleagues particularly appreciate this. We are highly committed to staff well-being and run numerous activities and have very well-established support structures in place to ensure that staff feel supported and as individuals. Staff turn-over is exceptionally low and morale is unusually high. Staff work hard and enjoy a positive climate at work that is extremely rare.
We also have our own unique nursery provision for staff children. This is exclusive for the babies and toddlers of the staff at Gladesmore and Crowland Schools and accommodates children from approximately 6months of age through to school age. The children are cared for in an exceptional arrangement located in the outstanding rated Crowland Primary School which is right next door to Gladesmore. Staff find this extremely valuable and helpful.

Our aim is to continue to raise all round achievement and expectations through effective learning and teaching. We offer an innovative range of programmes and strategies to provide pathways enabling children to reach their potential. As a result, rates of progress are astonishing. Our progress scores place us in the top band of schools nationally. All subject areas are very strong. Comparative statistics also show that the achievement of SEND, EAL, black and minority ethnic groups are all outstanding. But we intend to improve further.

KS4 Examination
Results can be fund on the school website and the job prospectus

Curriculum and Assessment
Our aim is to provide pupils with a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum that fosters a love of learning and enables all students to reach their potential. We build on pupils' prior achievements to develop the breadth and depth of their knowledge, skills and understanding. Our curriculum offer is not solely about the delivery of the National Curriculum, although this is the foundation because it secures an entitlement for all pupils, but embraces all that is learned through school, whether it be in lessons or part of informal learning within and beyond the school day.
They have clear pathways which can lead to their success. Much smaller group work takes place to support children who need extra help with their learning. We have a very simple but rigorous system of monitoring pupil progress which enables us to issue reports to parents/carers and pupils every half-term.
In recent years we have obtained numerous awards, we also have strong international links and frequently work with schools overseas. Our success has given Gladesmore a strong profile.

New staff are surprised by many things at Gladesmore but particularly noteworthy are the high-profile presence of senior staff around school, the positive ethos plus the care and top-quality support we have for children.
There is a very clear and simple vision for the school and the Gladesmore Ethos Statement is articulated through the simple term REACH, which promotes our key values and stands for: Respect; Enthusiasm; Attitude; Cooperation; and, Hardwork. REACH to be a Star!
Our school motto was written and selected by pupils: Dream it, REACH for it, Achieve it.
We have simple but ambitious Goals for the school. All subject, intervention and year teams draw up their own development plans to focus on continued improvement. All staff are encouraged to help shape our development and pupils make a significant contribution to this as well.
Gladesmore has been rated as ‘Outstanding' by Ofsted for over a decade. In successive inspections HMI/Ofsted teams have awarded outstanding grades and within these deemed the school to be exemplary. It is rare that a school gains such an accolade. HMI's have expressed that they had never been more impressed by what they had seen. Gladesmore has been recognised by the DFE and the GLA as a Flagship School.
Nevertheless, we believe there is still much we can improve; we are fully committed to self-evaluation and continuously look at what we can do to continue to improve. We want to do the best we can. There are numerous opportunities and procedures designed for us all to share good practice and learn from each other. Whilst the school is doing very well there is more for us to learn and aspire to.
The buildings are substantially built and house classrooms and corridors of good size. We have gradually been able to improve the buildings and facilities to an outstanding standard. Each subject area has specialist accommodation. Classrooms are spacious being well above standard size and all have interactive whiteboards. Faculty areas have a dedicated IT suite plus an office base with a sink and adjacent toilet.
The pupils, staff and parents are proud of the school. We enjoy a happy, cheerful atmosphere and we have positive links with the community. We are frequently congratulated by visitors on the friendliness of the children and staff, the quality of display, the calm atmosphere and the absence of vandalism and graffiti.

Extra Curricular and Community Activities
We have an impressive Saturday and Summer School provision. Year 7 pupils together with Year 5 and 6 pupils from our local primary schools participate in a comprehensive programme. Older pupils attend Mathematics, English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Computing and/or Music sessions.
Pupils have access to a wide range of activities at lunchtime and after school. We have a strong sporting tradition and large numbers of pupils are involved in the many clubs and teams which operate. We enrich children's experience through lively school assemblies and productions. All subject areas are outstanding and run well attended after school clubs and revision classes. We have a wide array of mentoring and guidance schemes and run a programme for gifted and talented pupils.
We have strong partnership with our feeder schools and are neighbours with Crowland Primary School. A number of our staff have children there including in the nursery.
We are genuinely a community school and find our parents/carers are supportive and appreciative.

In Conclusion
Gladesmore is a welcoming, warm and friendly school. Staff are highly committed and work together to meet the needs of pupils. Essentially, we shape Gladesmore into be the kind of school we'd be thrilled to send our own children to. The school is optimistic and forward looking. We enjoy a happy working atmosphere and consider the all-round development of children to be as important as examination results. We are proud of our achievements but not complacent.

In 2011, HM Queen Elizabeth II awarded Gladesmore with the Royal Crest. It is the top national award for organisations and very rare for a school to gain this accolade. Although we are proud of our achievements, we believe there are many more rungs to climb up the ladder. We have goals for the school that defy usual expectations and we have a staff team who are determined to help our children to excel.

Working in a school is hard work, but at Gladesmore it is also very pleasant and provides a range of exciting opportunities. If you feel that you have the necessary skills and commitment to work at Gladesmore and relish the opportunity to contribute and make a difference then I look forward to hearing from you.

More Information: https://teaching-vacancies.service.gov.uk/jobs/teacher-of-french-and-spanish-gladesmore-community-school